Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being Hope-FULL

I took this photo in my front yard a few weeks ago. 
As the last leaves were falling to the ground & my favorite season comes to a close, it reaffirmed that I need to HOPE in all things, through ALL things….even when winter approaches & bitter cold creeps through the door of my own heart, I need to focus on the things to come & place my hope in Him!

I hope for so many things. 
We all do. 

We hope….
That we make it to work on time.
Get the promotion we have been wanting.
That we don’t get in an accident on the way home.

We hope that our kids are healthy.  Our marriages stable.  Our bank accounts abundant.

I have hoped for second chances.  And I have hoped that I would have a few more seconds.  To say what needed to be said.  To right, wrongs.  To mend hurts. 

I have hoped for things that didn’t mean anything & for a lot of things that have meant everything.

Hope has been shattered at times.  I have had dreams not come true.  I have prayed prayers that didn’t seem to make it quite as far as they needed to go.  They made it, but the One hearing them knew much better than I, what was on the other side.

I have hoped for more money.  More time.  More house.  More shoes.  Less pain.  Less weight.  Less burden. 

I have placed my hope in people.  In paychecks.  In popularity.

I have lost hope.  With a single diagnosis, hope was nowhere to be found. 
With the words ‘there is nothing more we can do’, hope became scarce & the promise of ‘Till death do us part’ rang all too loud in my disbelieving ears.

No matter what the season, what circumstances lay their hefty weight on my shoulders, I will remain full.  Of HOPE!  In Him.  Who gives ALL things.  Abundant blessings in every single thing.  Every storm.  Every bitter cold moment in life.  He is the Hope that needs to fill my heart & YOURS! 

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