Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012!!

Hello 2012!!

What will you bring this year?

If I can put my two cents in, here’s what I’d like to offer.

That you allow every single day to be filled with Joy!  I’m not asking for it every single second because that will be too unrealistic.  BUT….a sprinkle or 2 of it at random times would be wonderful.

I would like to not have worry!  So many things that I COULD do with it but I don’t want to.  Let me give all of that to God.  Place it at His feet each day & go about my business.

Let me embrace my family even more.  Not just physically, although I shall work on that too, but allow my heart to open up even more to feel things I haven’t even yet discovered.

Please God…watch over us this year!  Continue to blanket our family with your amazing love!!  Protect our children with the power of 10,000 armies.  Keep them under your wings Lord & show us how to love them with YOUR heart.

Give us memories this year that will last a lifetime!  Whether we travel to far away places or our feet are planted here just in our own home, let laughter ring loudly in everything that we do.

Give us good friendships.  The kind that are only seen in movies.  Let new faces enter in & let us grow in the old ones as well.

Give us a better appreciation for the wonderful marriage that we have.  For this partnership that we have entered in to.  Allow for quality time together to grow in our relationship with one another & keep God in the very center as we should.

I want more time with You God!!  I know that’s not just going to happen on it’s own.  I’m aware that it takes two of us to make this relationship work.  But some days, I may need a push from you.  I’m giving you full authority to wake me early so we can have a good morning chat.  (that’s funny!!...Me giving YOU authority)

Provide me Your gifts Lord!!  Of gentleness, kindness, self-control, love, goodness, etc. so I can reflect that back to my family. 

And if there is to be time wasted, let it be time that’s spent well.  In good company & not just on trivial things that do nothing for me or my soul!

Bring lots of sunshine our way so we can enjoy the outdoors & all it has to offer.  Let us feel rain on our faces & fall asleep to it’s sound hitting our rooftop.

Give me lots of kisses & hugs & snuggle time with my kids!!  Cuz OH how I love them!!

And when there are times when I ruin my ‘mother of the year’ nomination, let forgiveness fall on my tongue.  Let that softness pour over me & an apology come easier than it has in the past.

I know it’s a lot to ask!  And it’s probably more than 2 cents worth but you can’t get anything if you don’t ask for it, right? 

And one more thing….simplicity!

Can 2012 be simple?  No hassles or hype.  Just plain living with those I love.  Less shopping & more fresh air.  Less eating out & more dinners around our own table.  Less money spent on material things & more time spent with those less fortunate.  Less worrying about what the house looks like & more making of messes with the kids that are growing up WAY too fast.  Just….SIMPLE!!

And there we have it.  Just a small request.  Here’s praying for a GREAT year!!

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