Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going the distance

Prayer is the shortest distance between me & God.
In an instant, a pray is murmured.  And He is there.
And invitation is sent & He responds.
His rsvp is swift and it’s the only one that I really want.
He is the One that I want to show up.
Simply because I love gifts.  And He brings the best ones.
Wrapped in the most beautiful paper & tied gently with a bow on top.
He will step in & will not come empty handed.
I will throw my arms around Him as I would a friend that I have missed for way too long.  My heart will overflow with the abundance of His presence.
I will not need anything more at that moment.  Not a single thing.
He has come to celebrate with me.
He didn’t have to check his schedule….He didn’t have something planned with someone more fun or prosperous or important.
In fact, He was waiting on me to send Him the invitation. 
He had already cleared His calendar for that very day.  That moment in time, when all I seek is Him.
I sit in stillness.
Eyes closed.
Solitude surrounding me.
And I whisper the words ‘please be with me today’.
I wait. 
In silence. 
For His response. 
With an open heart & ears to hear.
With an anticipation like my children feel when all they want is for me to sit with them & read a book or watch a movie or play with them because they know how much I love them.  Because I bring them comfort.  And in my presence, they feel safe & secure.
That’s how I feel when I stretch my legs out & walk that very short distance between prayer & the promise that only He can bring.
No matter how tired or depleted we are, that distance is NEVER too long for us to jouney.  It is never too far for Him to travel.  He is there when we ask to meet Him.

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