Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feeling At Home

Maybe it’s just because I love design & pretty things…..but I love to see other people’s homes.  (so I’ve included a few photos of ours)  I love to see how other’s decorate.  The colors they use.  The treasures they find at estate sales or in their own attics.  (does anyone have an attic anymore?)

I love to see the detailsThe things that bring them joy.  (not that ‘things’ should bring us joy)  But if we are going to live, we may as well be happy looking at a few things that our heart delights in.

Your home should be THE place!
The place that you feel comfort. 
The place you want to come home to. 
The place that you want to be at the end of the day.

We don’t live in a mansion & we don’t have expensive heirlooms but I sit in our home, in different rooms & I LOVE the life that is lived here.  I love that the walls are covered with pictures of moments that we have found joy in.  Music plays in the background usually.  Candles flicker.  And peace ‘generally’ reigns.  And sometimes it’s not even just when we are all sleeping!

Even with 3 kids playing & crying & fighting.  There is still peace.  It sounds funny to say.  But there is a big difference between noise & peace.   Holy Spirit peace.  That peace that fills each room even when noise is heavy & loud. 

I do love beauty.  And it doesn’t cost much.  
You can have a beautiful home & not spend a fortune. 
 I’ve done it, so I know!

  It’s so good to be surrounded with ‘pretty’!  I hope that everyone feels AT HOME in their house & that beauty covers every wall, permeates every room & that loves resides over all! 

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  1. Tracy I love the way your home feels! You've got lots of love and heart inside!