Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Falling in love

I’ve been with my husband now for almost 10 years.
But today….I fell in love with another man.
I never was really attracted to men that were shorter than me.
And few have taken my breath away like he did.
I’ve known him for a little over 3 years & have spent a ton of time with him.
We have shared many meals.  Laughed together.  Shed lots of tears.  Had some pretty good arguments.
It has been a challenging relationship to say the least. 
And today….Something in my heart was changed.
I woke up this morning & knew that today, I would only speak words of LOVE.
Words of love to my husband.  To my children.  And to God for giving me His.

And then the love story began!
His hand reached up & caressed my face as gently as I’ve ever felt before.
And he whispered the sweet words ‘I love you so much’.
His big blue eyes met with mine & as his precious little fingers touched my face my soul had shifted.
Shifted from being just a woman put here to be his mom.  To walk through this world with him & to love him.  To being absolutely totally IN LOVE with him.  Wanting the absolute best for him.  Understanding what is behind his eyes.  And knowing how very much God is in my presence through this sweet boy that I am so proud to be a mommy to.

His hands held my arm tightly & in a desperate plea he said ‘I want you to stay’.

And even though I had so many things to do….. A house to clean.  Phone calls to make.  Laundry to fold.  I realized that this time passes by so quickly.  That there will be a day when those words will almost mean even more than they even do now..  That things on his priority list will number much above spending time with his mom. 

Those things on my to-do-list quickly evaporated with those words being spoken & I laid my head next to his.  His hand held mine.  And together, we fell asleep. 

Priorities shift at times.  Soulful things take precedent over the mundane.  And I am so very thankful that they did today.  I am thankful for taking the time to fall in love again.  And I know, without hesitation, that this will be romance that my husband will be glad that I had.

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