Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Acts Of Christmas Kindness....COMING SOON!!

Remember the chicken nugget incident?  Well….it got me thinking.  Why stop there?  I mean, if paying for someone’s lunch can’t change the world then I need to think bigger.

And some of you may be thinking I’m jumping the gun here BUT….it’s SUCH a good idea & I KNOW that I will hear from some of you saying ‘I wish I would have thought of that!!!’  Cuz it really is a great idea!!  So enough of the idle chit chat…here’s my plan.

I have waited 6 very long Christmas seasons to do an Advent.  There are so many adorable ideas out there on ways to them.  And I was getting everything prepared.  Making my list of things to put in the kids little advent boxes….and then something happened to my heart.

The kids have SO….SO…SO much already.  And I am honestly tired of picking up all the little toys that lay strewn across the entire house.  (although I wouldn’t trade the blessing of WHY they are littering up my floor)….nonetheless…they don’t need any more candy or toys.

This is where the DRUM ROLL comes in……

We are going to do a Random Act of Christmas Kindness advent project!! 
I KNOW, right???
Totally awesome idea.  (I didn’t really come up with it on my own)

We will have 25 Random Acts planned for the month of December to celebrate love & giving & blessing! 

Here’s a few just in case you feel inspired to join in on this totally fun & life changing project!!

-tape quarters to gumball/toy machines in random stores
-pick out 2-3 random strangers from the phone book & send a card to them
-pay for someone’s gas
-tape $1 on a Redbox kiosk with a note that their movie is FREE
-tape candy canes to ATM’s
-put a $5 Starbucks card in the bank tellers cute little container that sucks your money up WAY too fast
-put a treat in your mailbox for your mail carrier
-go to the grocery store ONLY to shop for the FOOD BANK boxes at the front of the store
-bring coffee & a muffin to a teacher
-make 10 homeless kits (toothpaste, toothbrush (free if you ask your dentist), gloves ($1/Michael’s), deoderant, granola bar, bottle of water, wipes, hand sanitizer, towel, socks, etc.) & drive around town to hand them out
-visit nursing home (after having my husbands sweet grandpa in one last year, I can tell you….THIS will be the BEST most appreciated gift of all!!!)
-buy flowers for someone
-help an elderly person load groceries in their car
-buy a family dinner
-pick up trash on your next family walk or park day (don’t forget those little clear plastic gloves so you don’t have to touch anything yucky)
-leave a GENEROUS tip
-make treats and deliver to a fire station
-leave quarters on a vending machine
-deliver food to the Ronald MacDonald House (these families are so so so very appreciative of your kindness!!)
-pay someone’s meter
-put stickers/small toys in easter eggs & place them around a playground for other kids to find

Oh my gosh the list could go on and on and on!!!!

We will attach a note to all of them so everyone will know they are the recipient of something really cool!!

I am so totally excited to do this with the kids.  The boys may not quite get it yet but they are still in their 4-year-old self-serving mode.  And I get that.  But I can’t wait to involve our family in something that actually will probably lift us up more than the people getting these random gifts!!!

I will keep you updated as the days go by but I just wanted to pass on this super fantastic idea before the season passed.  I would LOVE to hear what you do!!  And it doesn’t even have to be 25 days.  Do it ONCE!  Even putting 4 quarters on a vending machine will make your heart happier.  I promise!!!!

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