Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning CAN be fun!!

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I DON’T like cold weather.  The only positive that I can come up with is that I get to wear really cute Uggs on any given day.

I don’t take to the slopes.  I don’t like being cold.  And even though we live in Colorado, people still don’t know how to drive here so going out when it snows is just not worth it.

I am much happier putting on a tank top & flip flops & feeling summer sun on my skin.

But…since that ain’t hap’nin anytime soon around here, we need to come up with some things to do with the kids.

And I thought I’d pass a few a long.

I’m not a home school mom.  I’m just a mom.  That stays at home.  And likes to educate her kids.  And really….it doesn’t take much money to do it sometimes.

For instance….check this cute activity out!! 

All I did was take a few pieces of scrapbook paper & cute out ice cream cones & scoops.  I also printed out UPPERCASE & lowercase letters.  Put them on with double sided tape…..DONE!!!

Then all the kids do is match up the letters!  So cute, right?  And…if they are just starting to learn their alphabet, they can just line up UPPERCASE or lowercase separately so it’s easier for them.  Then you can challenge them more as they grow.

And then there is this one… easy & costs about $3.00

You can get a packet of calendar #’s at any school supply store or on Amazon if you don’t know where the closest supply store is. They have so many different themes too if you want to be even more creative & go seasonal.

For younger kiddos, just have them tell you what the #’s are.  OR….you can also have them just order them 1-10.  When they master that, add more #’s.

The best part about BOTH of these activities is that they are CHEAP, CHEAP & you can throw them in Ziplocs and take them with you to restaurants or doctor’s appointments. 

I ALWAYS have something in my purse that I can occupy them with.  I love some of the iPhone Apps for kids that are out there but I want them to see that as a privilege not a necessity to having FUN while learning!!

With cold weather approaching…well….what am I saying?  It’s already here!!  With those cooped-up days on the way….why not make up a few things that are going to keep them entertained & you from wanting to pull your hair out?! 

Happy Winter!!!

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  1. I love these ideas Tracy... can't wait until James is old enough to do them!!