Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going in circles

Last weekend our leadership team for MOPS went to the mountains for a retreat.  In the process of team building, one of the exercises was a maze.  We were lead to the maze, eyes closed & told to keep our eyes closed for the entire exercise. 

It was silent. 
Each of us trying to find our way out. 
To the exit. 
Moving through the maze with only the help of a rope, which we held on to. 
The only questions we were allowed to ask were ‘Is this the exit’?....and ‘May I have help’?

Time passed & I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere with my own leading.  Against my will, I finally asked for help.  As soon as the words were uttered, our instructor told me to open my eyes. 

I wasn’t getting anywhere because I was walking in circles.  The ‘maze’ was a circle.  Ropes anchored to trees.  Testing our will & perseverance.  There was no exit.  No way out.  Until….we asked for help.

It wasn’t a team building exercise but more of an illustration of what we do with our own lives when we think we can manage on our own.  When we think we are in control.  Left to our own devices, we walk in circles.  Eyes closed to what we really need to focus on. 

It made me realize that I need to live with my eyes & heart wide open to Him.  To allow Him to take over & lead me where He will have me.  I’ve walked in circles a lot in my life.  Pride has hindered my voice.  Prior failures & disappointment have stifled my ‘need’ for help. 

Had I asked at the beginning of the journey, for help, my eyes would have been open & path made clear.  We can’t change our lives, until we change how we think.  If I think I can get through this life on my own, I will be walking in circles forever.  If I rely on Jesus to lead me, I will have a much more pleasant road. 

It’s not to say that there won’t be rocks in my way, holes that I have to step over or even fall in to but my heart will be in a much more peaceful place. 

Every one of us found it easier to ask where the exit was BEFORE we asked for help.  Another illustration of what we do in this life.  Isn’t it easier to ask God for an exit?  To remove us from what we’ve gotten ourselves into?  To plead for mercy from the mistakes we’ve made by thinking we could do things ourselves?

I’m tired from walking in circles. 
And I’ve come to realize that it’s much harder to walk around with my eyes closed.
So I’m going to open them to Him.
I will seek His help for ALL that I need.
Before I stand on my own two feet in the morning, I will stand on His promise. 
I will ask Him for help so I don’t need to ask Him for an exit later.
And instead of my eyes only seeing darkness, they will see Holy….because they will be focused on Him.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for letting your exerience speak to me today! That's a very powerful word. MFE