Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in your hand?

I have to say, there have been many times in my life where I have asked myself ‘What do I have to offer’?  ‘What’s so special about me’?  It’s not like I was created for anything  special.  Like in a moving-mountains-walk-on-water kind of way.  Or was I??

Do you think Moses ever thought he would change the world? 

When he was 17, was he running around getting into all sorts of trouble?  Did he have a crush on a girl that he didn’t think liked him back?  When he was 35, did he still ask himself ‘What am I going to do with my life’?  He was probably pretty ‘ordinary’.  Just a guy.  Trying to survive in the world.  Not thinking he was ‘special’.

He walked with his staff to help him navigate the rough terrain.  And what began as ordinary ended up changing a nation.  What he held in his hand that he thought was nothing more than a stick was used for God’s kingdom.  I bet he was surprised!  And if you know the story, he was even scared at one point.

God has created all of us to help fulfill His purpose.  Some of us may be unaware that the common & simple in our lives, those things that we think are ordinary, may be the thing that sets us apart.  It may be that you know what it is but fear has made us run from it.  Moses ran too.  But he knew God has a plan.  So he picked up the staff again.

What has God placed in your hand?

It may be something as simple as loving your kids with your entire heart.
It may be as ordinary as writing or cooking or gardening or listening or administration.  It could be leadership or marketing.  Teaching or singing.  It could be missions.  It could be abundant finances or an abundant heart.

What is in your hand?
What has God set you apart to do for His purpose?
If we know our gift & seek Him first, He will take your simple & make it extraordinary.  He will take what appears to be insignificant to us & transform it for His divine power.

The Bible tells us that ordinary men will do miracles in the last days.  Maybe I really was meant to move mountains.  Moses never thought he could get water from a rock.  And I’m sure he was shocked when the Red Sea parted when he raised that walking stick! 

We all have something miraculous in the palm of our hand!
What has God put in yours?


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