Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 2 of giving

Today was a day for giving…..
I brought them to 6 beautiful women at our MOPS group just to brighten their day.  To show them that I care for them.  That I think of them apart from the Tuesday’s that we meet.   To show them that they are a special part of our group of moms. 

I love flowers.
They are usually a part of the every day décor in our home.  They bring life & beauty & calm to a sometimes not so calm atmosphere. 
Flowers are good for my heart.

It made me happy to look as these sweet bundles of beauty & know that they would bring a smile to each one of the women that received them.

And I stand in amazement at the splendor of them.  The array of colors they display.  The intricate detail from stem to petal.  It all serves a purpose.  It is all for something.  Their responsibilities are simple.  They bring hope to those who grieve.  They witness the beauty of vows being uttered into the heavens.  They welcome new life.  They are an extension of friendship and love.  Of homecoming & farewells.  They are an extension of God’s own love.  He gives us flowers.  He didn’t have to provide them for us.  But He loves us so much that he created flowers.  On top of everything else, he painted their petals & laced them with a sweet aroma.  He could have just stopped with daisies.  But instead, in His abundant love, He also provided abundant beauty…..with roses & lilacs & lilies & columbines & tulips.   

He made them for us.  And He made them for us… give away!  So that’s what I gave today.

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