Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I love him

True character reveals itself in times of adversity.

He was a child.
His brother, a few years younger.
His dad was an angry man.  Lacking patience or love or tolerance.

They ate at a table.
They sat in silence.
And his little brother wouldn’t use his fork.
He picked at his food as kids do.
A warning was given. 
Tolerance was not.
And true character was about to be shown. 

His younger brother was told to get on the floor.
His food was put into a dish.
He was told that if he wanted to act like a pig then he could eat like one.
And needed to eat everything.
So on the floor he kneeled.
And then it happened.
Another bowl was placed on the floor next to him. 
His older brother kneeled beside him.
He didn’t want him to feel ashamed on his own.
He didn’t want him to be alone or embarrassed.
So he joined him.

They never talked about what happened that day.
And now thousands of miles have separated them.

But character showed up that day.
Grace was there. 
Respect was given to the one who needed it.
Love was given to the one that deserved it.

That boy that knelt down beside his brother?....that was my husband.

He did it then out of love.  And he would do it again.  And if you know him personally, you are blessed.  Because he would do it for you.  And if you don’t know him yet, you will.  And he would even do it for you.  Because that is the man that he is.  That is the beauty that he has had in his soul since he was a boy.  And it’s the beauty that resides there now. 
His father has never liked him.  Maybe it’s because my husband stands for everything that he doesn’t.
Maybe it’s because my husband is a man that his father can never be. 

On that day, a 10 year old boy began to build.  Not of bricks & mortar.  Not of something that could be destroyed.  He began to lay a foundation for what he was becoming.  Strength & courage.  Compassion & love.  All that I love about him.

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