Thursday, April 22, 2010

In good company

I love being in good company.
To sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing.
To grab a cup of tea or glass of wine, slip my shoes off & snuggle in…
I would ask you about your life….
Where you have lived….
Who your family is….
What they stand for…..
How you got to be who you are….
Or, how you plan to become who you want to be.

We would even sit quietly at times.
Feeling the breeze shifting softly & listening as it rustles the leaves on the trees standing tall over us.
It would be a comfortable stillness.
The kind made for old friends.
And, the kind that is invited by new friends with kindred spirits.

We would talk about worldly things.
    Lofty goals.
        Elaborate Dreams.
     And, not-so-realistic wishes.

We would laugh as funny stories were shared until out stomachs hurt so bad that we couldn’t stand it.
And maybe even share tears while we talk of some of ‘those things’ that did make us who we are.

And when the day was done & it was time to go our separate ways, we would enter back into our lives with gratitude of friendship & of love that only good company can give.

I wish we could sit down right now in this place!  We would have such a great conversation.

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