Friday, April 23, 2010

I will sing

Did you ever notice that the birds sing even in the rain?
Clouds cover their sky.
Thunder rolls gently above.
Rain saturates the ground.
And there is still a song in their hearts.

They don’t complain that it’s dreary.
They don’t wish it away.
They praise it with song for they know it brings something beautiful.
When the rain stops & the storm is over, it is then that they can appreciate the bounty of the true blessing.  The grass is greener.  Their food more plentiful.  Their nests can now be built to provide shelter & safety for new life.

As the birds sang today & the rain was coming down it gave cause for me to sing praise for my own rain.  For the storms I have withstood.  For dark days.  For thunderstorms that I never thought would end.

 I will sing.

I will sing because the rain will end.  God did not leave me there.  And the land that I now walk in is an absolute bountiful blessing. 

When the clouds covered my sky, I didn’t see the light in the distance.
When the rain washed all of the hope of love & promise that I had away without much hesitation or mercy…..there was a stillness that I needed.  There was blessing in the rain that I couldn’t see yet.  If I only knew then….I would have sang.

But now I know. 

There will be more storms.  I am sure of that.  I am not pessimistic.  I am just a woman that understands that life has ups & downs.  There will be rain.  There will be rainbows.  There will be days that are hopeless & lonely.  Times when rain keeps coming.  Moments when the flood waters are almost too much.  But I will lift my voice.  I will lay my burdens down.  I will give them over to the One that can carry them for me and……

I will sing. 
I will sing. 
I will sing.

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