Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He writes the story

I can almost see Him.
Pen in hand.  He begins to sketch.
And as it moves across the paper, He ponders His creation.
'She will have blonde hair & hazel eyes'.
'I will bless her with sight so she can see the beauty in the world'.
'I will give her hands so that she can give away some of what I will give to her'.
'She will have a soprano voice.  Fair skin.  And I will place a birthmark on her right thigh that resembles a turtle.  He grins at His own light-heartedness'.
His heart overflows as He writes of all the things she will witness.  All that she will shed a tear over.  All of the friends that He will put in her path.
He pauses.
He makes sure that every detail is as He would have it.  Even in the chapters that He knows she would rather not be a part of.  The ones that bring sadness & question.  The ones that stretch her character & make her wonder why He would have her in that moment.
But He is the author.  He knows the happy ending. 
He leaves a few blank spaces for those times that she chooses to run to Him.  The times that she will choose to fall on her knees and praise Him even when her heart & soul are tearing apart.
Spaces left blank so SHE can fill them in.
By the choice of seeking Him instead of worldly things.  
He laughs as He edits paragraphs.
With a gentle swipe, He erases hurts.
He knows that some chapters will be longer than others.  That they will reflect heartache & discouragement.  With the pen in His Mighty Hand, He writes of those things, tears drop to the pages.  Because He knows my hurts, He cries when I cry.  The ink faded but the words can still be made clear ‘I Love You!’
And then there will be those that will highlight love, laughter & new beginnings.
He jots down all of the places that she will live, the roads she will travel, the thoughts she will think, the words she will say. 
He will place love in her heart & praise on her lips….for Him & all of the gifts He gives her.
He will give her a voice so she can give her testimony.
He will give her ears so that she can listen to those that need a friend.
He will place laughter in her soul & give her a gentle spirit.
He does not make her perfect by any stretch of His Ever-Perfect imagination.
He knows she will be impatient. 
She will say things she doesn’t mean.
She will hurt people that she loves.
She will offend with her lips.
She will think sinful thoughts.
She will walk away from Him at times.
But He writes good intention on her heart.  He places compassion in her soul.  He gives her hands to reach out when the things she has done or said have hurt another. 

And in the final chapter, as every great story goes, she will close her eyes for one last time.  He will lay His pen aside & close the book.  And His voice will resonate throughout the Heavens ‘Now THAT was a beautiful story’.

And it will be in that very moment……that the REAL Love Story will begin.

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