Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We will build

The structure is the project.
Dixie cups & colored pipe cleaners strewn throughout the table.
Popsicle sticks are carefully aligned to make the floor-each one gathered by hand & glued together.
Then the walls go up.  Siding made of cardboard & decorated with tissue paper & glitter.
A multitude of colors are splashed across the 4 walls.
It will not be entered into the Parade of Homes.
It will not win a coveted award.
Chances are, it will fall apart the minute the glue dries.

The glitter will rub off.
The yellow pom-pom flowers will loosen their grip.

But the memory of embracing a moment will reside in my heart forever.
They will not remember the details of the day or what we built.
But somewhere down the road, they will be reminded, by a whisper of their heart, that we DID build.
We built a relationship of unconditional love.  Bound with laughter & the essence of time.  Secured with a strong foundation of faith & trust.
It may not win an award that is hung on a wall or sits in a prominent place in our home but that’s not what matters to me. 
I have the reward already.  In the giggling I hear.  The joy I see in them as I spend simple moments doing simple things.  I have won something that can’t be bought.  I have helped to build something that will withstand eternity.

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