Monday, May 24, 2010

I Get To!

I am mom to a 4-year-old daughter & twin boys.
Life is hectic.
There is never enough….money….or time….or patience.
There is not a day timer in the world that I have found that can organize me well enough.

There are meals to make & laundry to do & hugs to give.
‘Ow-ies’ to mend.  Playdates to plan.  Doctor appointments to get to.
There is a house to clean.  Baths to give.  Things to teach.  Lessons to be learned.
We play & laugh & discipline & protect & instill.
It is 24/7.  Never ending.  Exhausting work.
It requires the highest level of time management & puts any end to feeling in control of anything going on in my own life.
There is never a dull moment.
 Someone always needing something.  A snack.  A drink.  A band-aid.  A hug. 
They fight over everything.  From who gets to sit in the front of the cart at the grocery store to who wears the orange Crocs or the blue.

As tiring as it is….as exhausted as I feel at times…I GET TO!

Tuck my children in bed at night.
I get to play with them & read them bedtime stories.
I get to be the one that gets the ‘tightest hug ever’!
I get to be the one that makes them butterfly sandwiches.
I get to orchestrate the best birthday parties & stay up until midnight making cupcakes with sprinkles & colored frosting.
I get to teach them to ride a bike.  Be good friends.  Respect the earth. 
I get to sit on the sidelines.  In the audience.  In the bleachers.
I will get to teach them how to drive & help them with science projects.
I get to be the one that helps them.  Holds them.  Hugs them.  Loves them….more than anyone else they will ever know.


When I am tired & the day is done….when the last thing I really want to do is give 3 kids a bath & put their jammies on & fight the battle that always ensues b/c ‘they AREN’T tired’…..I remind myself that I was chosen!  I GET TO have the privilege of doing ALL of this.  Every bit of it.  I get a job that some can only wish for. 

I get to hear their giggles as I push them on the swings.
I get to be the one that is the recipient of the hugs & kisses.
I get to be the one they want to dance with & cuddle with & play with.

I get the honor.
I was chosen.
I have been given a gift.
In the screaming & the late nights & the potty training & the never ending needs….
And I am SO incredibly lucky!!

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