Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reaching the moon

As I drove home tonight and the moon was full I was thinking about what simple things I take pleasure in.  How I wish that I could reach up and just touch it.  Hold it in the palm of my hand.  And I wish that the childhood story was really true.

You know the one. 
The one that your parents used to tell you when they went somewhere without you.  The one that tells us that we are not that far from one another because we can see the same moon.

I wish that I could reach out & touch all of the people that I love that are looking at my same moon. 

Friends that are in far away places. 
Family that is further away then I really am comfortable with.
People that I haven’t seen for months or years.
Loved ones that have spanned the globe & left my heart a little more empty….because they took a piece of it with them.

I love that the world really is small enough to share my same moon.
But sometimes, it isn’t small enough for me.
I want to have you in my presence…..not just in my heart.
We can look at the same moon.  But I wish we were standing side by side talking about how gorgeous it was.  Breathing the same air.  Able to not just embrace the moment, but embrace one another because we are here….together.

Seeing the moon tonight makes my heart ache.
I know that some that are seeing the same full moon tonight…..I will never see again.
Not here on this earth anyway.
Time & life & circumstances will not allow for it in some respects.

But I do know the One that engineered it.  And I know that space & time will mean nothing when we are in the ‘there & then’. 

So for now, I will just take pleasure in the beautiful moon that is out tonight.  And I will pray that everyone that I love….friends here & now & those that once were….that they know how much I love them & how much I wish they were here.

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