Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ordinary Miracles

It’s an ordinary day.
Quiet as the mornings usually go.
She has been up for hours.
Lost in her regular routine.
Sweeping the floor.
Mending torn clothing.
Praying prayers that only a mother can pray.
She packs him a lunch.
5 loaves of bread & 2 fish.
She thinks that will be sufficient.
He is growing.
He will probably wish for more.
But for today, it’s what she provides.
She kisses him softly & sends him off as she always does, with love.

She prepares for a meal.
He plans for a glimpse of Jesus.
No one anticipates the miracle.

She was happy feeding one.
Jesus had other plans.

Her ordinary task…..
became His extraordinary work.

Her preparation for one…
Became His gift to five thousand.

Are we preparing for an ordinary day, not expecting an extraordinary outcome?
Do we place a limit on a limitless God?
Are we missing the miracles?

When we utter a kind word.
Hand a blanket to a homeless man on the corner.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Smile at a stranger.
Visit an elderly relative.
Give a hug.
Lend an ear.
Ask forgiveness.
Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk.

It is in those ordinary tasks, with an open heart, that He multiplies that love & extraordinary things happen.
We may not see the miracle. 
We may only see the simplicity of the act with our limited vision.
To us, it may only be a….
….a dollar given
….a word spoken
….a pair of old shoes
….a loaf of bread

But to those that He places in our path to receive it, it may be the miracle that they have been waiting for.
So go get prepared!!  Big miracles are coming.

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