Thursday, January 21, 2010

A lesson in everything

It was 2:30 this morning & we were awoken by the sounds of Noah getting sick.  It scared him.  Rightly so.  And so he began to scream & cry. 

And with that came the awakening of our daughter who heard him.  And then it scared her. 
And SHE began to 
                 scream & cry.
 So on our way to be there for the one that really needed attention at the moment, I had to stop & settle her down.  Telling her that I would be back.  To not be upset.  That I just needed to go take care of him first because he really needed me.  And quite frankly, there wasn’t anything wrong with her.  She didn’t need to be the focus at that moment.

 She needed me to come & comfort her. 
She needed me immediately.  In her time.  Not anyone else’s. 
And she didn’t care that there might be something more important going on at that moment. 
Not because she wasn’t important.  
Not because I didn’t love her with all of my heart.  
And not because I didn’t want to help her.  
                                          Someone else needed me more right then.
 I wanted to hold her. 
I didn’t want her to be sad or scared.
I wanted her to feel safe.
                                     And it was then that God revealed that I do the same thing to Him. 
In my mundane prayers for daily blessing, in my trivial pursuits of all things good. 
I seek Him & ask & cry.   
Sometimes I even scream & want to be comforted AND I want those things immediately.  In ‘my’ time….not His. 
And He listens ALWAYS.  He loves me more than I can imagine or even deserve.  But sometimes, there are more important things going on. 

So, as I did with Hailey, He does with me.  He tells me that He loves me & that He needs to care for something else at the moment, but that He will be back.  And then, like she did, I rest & wait & am still so that when He does come, I know I am His alone.

I know He is always present.  And that He never leaves me.  But there are times, when some of my prayers….several of my requests & much of my tempered screaming…really can be set aside for a moment so that the focus can be put on someone else that isn’t in that ‘All About Me’ mode like I am sometimes in when it comes to my prayer life.

All of us finally stopped screaming & crying.  And we all became still again.  For the moment.  And got the rest that we needed in the time that we needed it.

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