Monday, January 25, 2010

Boardroom Bound

I was offered a job today.

I was caught off guard by the level of responsibility.
The job description stated it wasn’t for the weak & weary and that the faint at heart need not apply.
And to be honest, even now, I question whether I’m qualified for the job.
It’s not like my ‘life’ resume is all that impressive, after all.

The hours were long but the commute wasn’t bad.
I was told that the salary would be negotiable & the bonuses, like none I’d ever seen before.

I would have my own boardroom.
And the corner office I had always wished for was finally mine.
It was the opportunity of a lifetime!
I had climbed the ladder.
Impressed the right people.
And I finally was getting what I had always dreamed of.

My bosses were tough & they didn’t even stand more than 3 feet tall yet.
My contracts I negotiated were signed with crayons & finger paint.
And my board meetings were comprised of why we can’t run with scissors or put gum in your brother’s hair.

The corner office was filled with iridescent glitter & glue sticks.  And enough play dough to construct a life-sized replica of the Empire State Building.

My salary consisted of Eskimo kisses & late night snuggles because I had scared another monster away.

And then there was the bonus I had worked so hard for.  But it didn’t come at the end of the year like the others had in the past.  It didn’t reflect the ‘Profit and Loss’ like I was used to in my previous positions.

The bonuses are a daily occurrence.

They are the giggles I hear when the tickle monster shows up out of nowhere.
They are the countless ‘I love YOU the most’ moments & actually, at this moment, I’m still not sure who won that argument…but I don’t care.

It is the patter of little feet as they chase one another around the coffee table & land in a heap of pillows they have methodically placed on the floor.

They are the endless hugs that are the type that almost cut off my circulation.  The arms that are wrapped so tightly around my neck because they have so much love to share & I just happen to be the lucky recipient of it.
They are in the making of these beautiful, innocent, miraculous children that I am so blessed to be the mommy of.


When the days are long & the laundry piles are too many to count…..
When the boardroom decisions I made in that split-second, probably aren’t going to earn me the ‘Mom of the Year’ award….
When my negotiating skills break down & it’s not even time for morning snack yet….

I think to myself, there is no better job in the world.  No one I am more honored to work for.  No salary that could ever possibly come close.  No reward greater.  No position more sought after.  There is nothing that compares to this.

No one else need apply.  This job is mine!

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  1. Your words are so perfect. I could not even put this into words so well. It is a blessing to get to read what you write.