Saturday, January 23, 2010

These feet are going places

Her little feet are snug in frog jammies today. 
Tucked away in warmth where her little toes should be. 

I hear the beautiful sound of those same tiny feet scampering along the wood floor while she chases her brothers from room to room as they giggle relentlessly.

And more times then not recently, I’ve heard them. 
As she dances around in her pink leotard & tap shoes eagerly anticipating her next dance class.

These same cute little feet will, all too soon, take her away from me.  To school, new friendships, childhood adventure, a bigger world.
They will step onto a different country’s soil.  Walk down the aisle, along with her dad, as she starts a new life. They will, if she is lucky, step into all kinds of adventure that is waiting for her.

Will I have taught her everything she needs to know? 
Will she be equipped to handle heartbreak & disappointment?
Will she know that she can always run back to me for anything she needs because I am her greatest fan & want to protect her ALWAYS?

Are they going to, some day, walk away from things that aren’t good for her? 
Help her to stand for something she believes in?
Or, stand firm for something that she doesn’t?
Will she stand up for God?  In a world that is running from Him, will I have taught her that all she needs is to run TO Him?

She will walk into unchartered territory.
Run into challenges.
Walk away from bad choices.
And stand on her values.

Does she have everything that she needs? 
Does she have her feet on solid ground? 
Set on a good foundation? 


I can teach her things along the way.  Give my advice.  Share what I have learned.  Provide her with what I think will help her. 

But she needs to place her feet in the richness of God’s soil.  Place her faith & feet on His path.  And walk through the journey He has set for her. 
Her path may not always be clear.  It may be treacherous along the way.  She will get off course.  Lose direction.  Become lost & want to turn back. 
But no matter what, if I have done anything right in her life, she will know without a doubt that if her gait is steady, that her feet will lead her straight to Him & that is truly all that matters.

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  1. Love this!! It made my eyes well up with tears. I have so many pictures of my kids and their toes. Precious.