Friday, January 15, 2010

Seasonal Challenges

This time of year tests me!
You would think after living in the Colorado climate for well…..MOST of my life, I would get acclimated.

But I can’t.
I won’t allow myself.

I don’t ski.
I don’t like being cold.
I don’t like being forced inside to wait out a snowstorm, frigid temperatures & and slushy slippery roads.

My face is round so even an adorable ski cap doesn’t do me many favors.  And my feet look much cuter in a pair of flip-flops then they do in my Uggs.  (although I do LOVE my Uggs!)

We have lots of sunshine!!  That’s a saving grace. 
But I require more.  I need more.

Like that kind of sunshine that embraces my entire being.  That warms me to my core.  That wraps itself around me & let’s me know it’s in it for the long haul!  I become desperate for fresh air.  To open the windows & let those ‘warm weather’ smells inside. 

The freshly mowed grass.  The smell of a really good burger cooking on someone’s grill. 

I need color.
It’s gorgeous here in the summer but this time of year, in my opinion, leaves a lot to be desired.
I want my green grass back.  To look out the front door & see the 20,000+ leaves that consume our ash tree.  I love that tree! 
I want flowers.  To have my daisies & tulips back.
And the cherry blossoms!  They reveal such a beauty in the renewing of spring.  Even for that fleeting moment.  Beauty starts to be restored.

The days are getting longer now.  THAT…..I am always a fan of. 
The sun fades a little later every single day.  Even if only to give us 2 more minutes of light…..I take it!!

So today, I’ll just put my ‘happy’ pants on.  (That’s what I call my flannel jammies) & take a nap.  And then maybe later I’ll go on a hunt for a pink flamingo for my yard just to make myself feel better.

What season is your favorite & WHY??

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  1. Well, I hear you. I feel like I should just suck it up, but hey, I was born and raised in So Cal and it's hard for me to like the climate here; I'm used to being outside year round with the kids. But in the spirit of trying to embrace HERE, my favorite season HERE is fall. It's way more beautiful than in CA; love the colors and relief from the hotter than I expected summers here. And fall means pumpkin time...I love anything pumpkin...pie, bread, muffins, lattes, oh yeah! :)