Thursday, January 14, 2010

life-less living

Life-less Living

I was completely alone with my 3 kids the other day.
For the first time in 5 months, without anyone else.  No grandma to carry one.  No babysitter to help watch one while the other two are going in different directions.  No daddy to help keep the peace.

And we had….SO….MUCH….FUN!

We drove out of town to a children’s museum.
They played.
I watched.
They explored….anything they could.
I ignored….everything that didn’t put my focus on them.
No cell phone.  No computer.  No friends to talk to.  No interruption.
Just them…..and me.  Together!

And I realize….

I am at fault!
……for letting LIFE get in the way of my living.

The kind of living that allows me to be ‘in the moment’ and with such splendid company I must say.

                                     Phones ring, computers crash, laundry beckons, emails require answering.
And I don’t live in the moment but in the menusha of errands, chores, diapers, mommy duties…..
and the living…..
The true joy of being….in the moment….loving what you’re doing & who you are with….the making a memory….gets lost.

So I found it!  Today.  LIFE!!!
With 3 little people that make my heart happy.
Just in the watching.
Seeing them explore.  Feel.  Touch.  Learn.
And remembering that these times WILL pass by quicker than I really want them to.

So with each breath….I will live.  And the LIFE that comes with that….will, if I’m lucky, take my breath away.

                            When was the last time you had a moment like that?


  1. Wow! This just keeps getting better! I'm sure your life-less living blessed your kids socks off too.

  2. Thank you for this gentle reminder of the simple beauty in spending time with our little ones.

  3. Tracy,

    I know God gave you the gift to write, but WOW - you are amazing. Love rob