Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Work In Progress

The laundry basket always seems to be placed about a foot farther away then he needs it to be.  His socks & boxers fall victim to his bad aim. 

And, I think he actually takes pride in seeing how much junk he can have in his car at any given moment.  The fact that there is still a Goodwill donation in a bag from 6 months ago may give you a better idea.

He chews his nails. 
Eats things in twos.  2 Hershey kisses.  4 grapes.  6 potato chips.

But he’s mine.  And I love him.  Some days I feel like I HAVE TO because the commitment was made after all.  And well…in my opinion….there isn’t any going back & changing it.

More times then not though it’s because I WANT TO

He sees every good thing in me even when I don’t.
He makes my coffee every morning.  Does the dishes.  Helps with laundry.  Brings me toast & blueberry tea when I don’t feel good.

He will go out of his way to serve me.  To make me happy. 

I love him because he LET’S me!  He made a choice.  And he knew what he was getting into even.  (that’s the miracle of this whole thing)

He’s not perfect by any stretch.  But neither am I.  He makes me angry on occasion.  Doesn’t do what I’ve asked.  Says things that have hurt my feelings.  But then when did I become the example for what ‘perfection’ is? 

He talks to me.  He tells me how he feels.  We actually COMMUNICATE!  We figure out how to raise our kids together.  We plan our finances together.  And when he hugs me, I feel safer than I could have ever imagined.  This man would do ANYTHING for me!


He is the kind of man I want our daughter to marry.  He is strong but gentle.  Playful but firm.  And obviously has an incredible tolerance for things that require high-maintenance.  (there!!!.....I said it…..I could potentially be HM)

And he IS without any doubt, one of the best dads in the entire world.  He is present & involved.  Strict but loving.  He loves all three of our children with more heart then I think he even knew he had. 

We are ALL better because of the man that he is.

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  1. He most certainly is the man I would want my daughter to marry - and thank God, she did! Did I ever tell you guys that you make beautiful babies together?? :-)
    Love you BOTH...