Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spiritual Droughts

We had a drought a few summer’s ago. 
Water was being rationed.
Lakes & reservoirs were dried up.
Grass & trees were dying because there was nothing to sustain them.
Needing something.   Nothing coming.

The same thing happens to us when we are in a spiritual drought.

We don’t see God moving.
Our spirits dry up.  Become barren.
Not producing fruit.
What we give to others becomes rationed.  Stifling our souls when we need to readjust how much we are allowed to give.

Praying for rain.
Seeking water at every turn.
Searching for anything that will quench our thirst….
Replenish our spiritual crops so that we can once again, reap the reward of God’s provision.

We wonder why God would leave us.  Why He would allow for such a thirst to choke our throats so tightly that we are on our knees crawling to find the next drop of rain.

But God doesn’t leave us. 
         He is always there. 
              Always willing. 
                      Ever present. 
Sometimes He just is sitting quietly in the corner, holding the glass of water, as we search frantically for where we last set it down.  Waiting for us to come back to Him. 

And when we do.  THEN it happens.  The sky opens up.   The rain starts to fall.  Allowing the water to run freely again.  The well overflowing.  Saturating our souls.  Providing life.
Once again, drowning us in love & abundant blessing.

I have been there.  
In a spiritual drought.  
Absent from God.  
And the things that I thought would fill me, the things I thought would quench my thirst.....only left me feeling in need in something more.  
In those times, when I thought that He wasn't there, wasn't listening, wasn't loving me-
I became aware that it was really me that had wandered off.  I was the one that had allowed my relationship with Him to become barren.  He was there all along.  Patiently waiting for me to return to Him for what I really needed.

Have you ever experienced that kind of thirst for Him?

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