Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Higher Standard

I need to live in a higher standard. 
Not of elite status or by the quantity of things that I possess. 
But, a standard of living that reaches beyond the physical.
I want to live where the condition of my heart & the things that touch it far extend the boundaries of mutual funds, awards I have won or a Mercedes in my garage.

I want to set the spiritual bar so high that I am ALWAYS reaching to new heights.  To have Holy Spirit power.  To receive everything & all of what He has for me with an open mind & heart.  Arms outstretched in praise for whatever He brings. 

WHATEVER He brings!!

To have my eyes fixed on improving friendships.  Solid-to-the-core friendships that are bound with trust & forgiveness & laughter.  Not just those that are summed up by a ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude.  I want to be wholeheartedly available.  To not allow past disappointment or hurt hold me back from achieving something so much more beautiful.

I want to pursue a higher standard of marriage.  To be more aware of his needs.  To feel more of what he feels.   To support more.  To touch more.  To allow it the ability to consume my heart 100%.  (not the 60% that I usually give out)

I want to excel in my parenting.  Not because I spoil them with things of this world.  Not because we will throw them the biggest birthday parties.  But because I am here.  Totally present.  Because I play with them.  Support them in whatever decisions they will make along the way.  I don’t want to be their friend.  They will have enough of those in their lives.  I want to be the mother that they know they can trust.  That loves them with everything I have.  I want to teach them.  To lead them through this world.  And hopefully, by the grace of God, let them fly away some day with confidence, trust & a graceful heart.

Why should I allow myself to just live in the status quo?  To take what I have now & let that be ok?  I want more.  I…..deserve…..more.  Don’t we all?

I don’t want to approach the life that I COULD have with a trepidation that paralyzes me.  That causes me to miss out or let my heart be void of the love that is really waiting there. 

With setting a higher standard comes accountability.  An act of being  more responsible for my own actions.  My thoughts.  My words.  The wife I am.  The mom I want to be. The friend I hope to become.

I want a higher standard of living.  To reach new heights.  Learn valuable lessons.  Live in heart-conscious moments.   And enjoy the QUALITY of life that comes with it! 

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