Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WEIGHT a minute!

Hello again scale

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen one another.
I know I’ve changed quite a bit since our last encounter.
I’ve been avoiding you on purpose.
No offense…..but I don’t really like you much.
It’s nothing that you’ve done, per say.
But you are always so quick to tell me the ugly, but honest, truth!
I still think you LIE though because there is no way I could weigh what you say I do.
There isn’t hiding anything from you, is there?

I’m sure that you can tell that I don’t just carry burdens on my shoulders but that my hips are carrying an extra 5 pounds too.  Haagen Daz has met my thighs & they really aren't compatible.  But like any bad relationship it seems like it takes too long to bid each other a fond farewell.   

That noise you hear…..
Oh, that’s me removing my slippers & wedding ring & earrings from my body so that I can ensure that you won’t hold that against me too!
You are just mean & I don’t like playing with you anymore.

So I give up!
I’m going to stop trying to like you because I NEVER will.

I am going to take your advice.
Eat more spinach & less Doritos.
Drink more water & less wine.
And only occasional enjoy my favorite bowl of ice cream.

And next time you see me…
I will be less of a woman.
10 pounds less!

And then maybe I’ll consider you to be more worthy of my friendship.

(I thought it funny that the flash on my camera just happened to cover up the actual NUMBER on the scale....but for those of you that really must said 143!!).......transparency is so unfair sometimes!!

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