Monday, March 22, 2010

She brought them flowers

She brought them flowers.
Her physical sweet self is ALMOST FOUR!
But her heart is approaching 50.
It is free & undeniably sweet & unscathed.
It is open to receive.
It has nothing to lose yet.
Nothing to puncture it.
No bow to tear through it's tender flesh.

It is new.  And ripe.  And ready.

My husband takes her to the store to buy flowers for ME & she decides that THEY deserve them.

They deserve the beauty & sweet essence of her heart.

And why shouldn't they??

So he buys her a bouquet to give to her friends also.

They are pink & sweet smelling & God sent.
They are from her!
They are a gift from her beautiful, innocent heart.

So she brings them flowers.

It's doesn't matter that they are boys or girls.
She brings one to her teacher also.

It is a sign.
Of love.
Of arms-wide-open giving.
Heart -without-question adoration.
Of something sweet & free & unabridged.

It's who she is.
For now.
And it's MY job to keep it that way.

To instill in her a heart that seeks nothing but gives everything.
That hands out all that it has but isn't saddened when it gets nothing in return at times.
That receives when it gives
And provides more than it takes

For now, her 4 year old heart, teaches me that my almost 40 year old heart has a lot to learn.
I need to approach life with a beautiful bouquet in my hand.  My bouquet would not consist of gerber daisies & lillies.  Or blanketed in the fullness of babies breath.  Each flower that I would give others would be of love & strength.  Of friendship & grace.  I should give freely the gifts that I have been given.

I am given a bouquet each morning.  I can choose to keep it & cherish it myself.  Or I can give it all away & receive a gift that is even so much larger.

Oh, how I love the beauty they bring!!   

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