Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red Rover

I can remember playing Red Rover as a kid.
Actually the last time I played it was in college.
But no matter what the age, the rules are still the same.

Teams chosen.
Hands clenched.
Feet planted firmly.
And the call goes out….
‘Red Rover, Red Rover…..send Amy on over!’

She already knows where she is headed.
Her gait is fast & focused on the weakest link.
She knows who is strong. 
And she knows where she can break through.

The people she is running towards tighten their grip.
They prepare for the battle.
Contact is made.
The power in the force of the hit is too strong.
And the bond is broken.  The hands release.  And she has won.

The enemy to our soul plays this same game with us.
He knows who we have on our side.
And he knows our weak spots.
Marriage problems
He knows every issue we struggle with.  And he WILL attempt to break through each one of them when we let our guard down.  When we loosen our grip.  When are not as strong.

If we completely understood the awesome power of the One who is holding our hand, we would not fear the things that stand against us on the other side.

His grip will never let up.
He will never let go of our hand.
Release will never occur.
He is mighty & powerful!
No matter what force comes up against us.
No matter how hard it hits us.
He is still there.
He will not let it break us.
We will not be pulled apart from Him.

It’s not to say that there won’t be bruises from the battle.
Scars will exist.
Pain will be felt.

But if we stand with Him & dig our feet in, the enemy can send whatever he wants to try to destroy the bond.  And again, the call goes out ‘Red Rover, Red Rover send hatred & pain & insecurity & temptation on over!’

We are PROMISED that it won’t take us down.
That it will not win.
And that we WILL stand victorious……when we choose Who is on our team.

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