Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magic & Miracles

I’m walking down the aisles the other day.
Completely hesitant to be pulled in to the minutia of commercialism.
To not allow Easter baskets or chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs grab my attention.
I don’t want to ‘waste’ money on plastic trinkets that will go in the trash or the next garage sale.
I hesitate to buy too much candy because it has red dye or too much sugar.
And then it happens.
I get pulled in.
The voice inside my head tells me that it isn’t about that.
It’s not about wasting money.
And it’s not about them eating too many jelly beans.
It’s about the magic.
It’s about the excitement & anticipation that is so lacking in this world today.
It’s about remembering what it was like to be a child.

I fight the battle.

We will always teach them the true meaning of Easter & of Passover.  They will know exactly why we celebrate.  Not with an Easter egg hunt or a memory-making photo in a mall with a gigantic furry white rabbit.

We will celebrate because it is WORTH celebrating!!  We will teach them that the excitement & anticipation that we should feel is for Christ to come back again.  We will teach them the magic & miracle of His love.  They will know that He died on the cross.  That He rose again.  And we will lift our hands in praise to our Most Powerful God for choosing US!!!

But we will also receive the gift of being able to dye eggs with our kids.  To share in special moments of countless egg hunts.  To hear the laughter.  To watch their eyes light up when they see their Easter baskets full of things that won’t matter to them in a day.  But at that moment, it’s everything!

We know to celebrate Him EVERY DAY with a grateful heart.  To humble ourselves in the knowledge that He died for us. 
He gave His life! 
He made a choice! 
The choice was YOU. 
The choice was ME! 
He suffered greatly because He loves me & YOU!  And as difficult as that idea is to swallow at times….as hard as it is to imagine Him on that day….giving ALL that He had….I celebrate it with a happy heart.  NO ONE will EVER love me or YOU as much!!  NOBODY!  

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