Friday, March 26, 2010

Simple Abundance

I love simple.

I don’t necessarily live a simple life.  I like stuff. 
I am not the quintessential material girl but I do like my house to feel like a home.  And I do like to accessorize.  Completion, on any level, is good for my soul.  From the most difficult of projects to an outfit for a dinner party.  I like the full-circle effect.  So in respect to the absence of THINGS, I’m not simple.

But I am…..
Simple in spirit.
I take pleasure in simple things.  My heart is not burdened with over indulgence that materialism can sometimes bring. 

The simple things are the ones that usually make me the happiest.
Recognizing the beauty in nature.
Appreciating the senses that I have been blessed with.
To feel my children’s arms wrapped around me so tightly.
To hear the robin’s welcoming spring with their sweetest songs. 
To make dinner for my family.  To know that I am doing something for them that is such a mundane task for some….but to me, it is a simple sign of my love.
To sit & just enjoy the intimacy that comes with having a good friend.
To have a home filled with laughter.

Sometimes the simple & pure are the things that fill our hearts to extraordinary measure.  Cup-overflowing….. beyond words kind of satisfaction.  And it leaves my soul wanting nothing more.
And simply put……that’s the way I like it! 

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