Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Happy With What We Have

I consider myself blessed.  I know my gifts.  That everything I have comes to me because God loves me.  I have a house.  I have a soft pillow to lay my head on at night.  I have food in my stomach.  I have my health.  And my family has theirs.  I even have cute clothes & shoes.  And the ability to spend money on the things I DON’T need.

I should be so encouraged to live in such abundance.  I think I am thankful. 
But am I? 
Because I still want more. 
I want to have more discretionary income. 
I want to be able to go shopping more. 
Be able to go on more vacations.  Not live paycheck to paycheck.
                                I should be happy that we even get a paycheck.

I don’t want to have to question every single purchase.  To determine whether it’s a need or a want.  I just want to be able to buy it.  No questions asked.

I just want to be happy with the things that I do have.  And not care about the things that I don’t.  How many pairs of shoes does a stay-at-home mother of 3 really need anyway?

When do I look around & realize that I already live in abundance?  At what point does my heart rest in knowing that I have everything that I need?  (and more than I probably even deserve!)

It makes me mad at myself because I want more than I have.  Because my desire for more gets in the way of what I truly require.  Love, warmth, friendship, health, food. 

I know God knows that I want more. 
              There’s no hiding from Him.  
                    He knows my wicked, wanting heart.  
But in knowing me….He requires nothing from me.  I don’t have to be dressed well.  I don’t have to drive the best car or live in the most gorgeous house on the block.  In loving me, He doesn’t require that I even show up on time or at all.  Because some days, He knows I just can’t.   And when I DO show up, I don’t even have to look good.
                                                        Because in all honesty, I am a mess.  
Physical, mentally, spiritually….on any given day….there is a mess in one way or another.  But He takes me as I am….because He doesn’t require that I be anything but that.

I am so thankful that He is there to not only see the mess but to come after me & help clean it up.  That my life is only made pristine because He restores.  He wipes the filth away.  He shakes the dust off.  He polishes my heart. He washes away my iniquity.  His love is there for the taking.   Nothing required.  Abundance provided.

In what ways are you abundantly blessed?

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  1. Ahh, the struggle of life in America. At least you recognize it Tracy, as most do not. They think life is tough when they can't go out to eat, or buy that 3rd couch for the house. Go on a mission trip and see how most of the world is living, it will definitely bring perspective. But even then we get back and move right back into the "normal" way of thinking.

    I am blessed, as are you, God, how do you want me to use this blessing to touch and change others?

    GO GOD!