Friday, February 26, 2010

Why wait?

None of us know how many days we have left here on this earth.
For some, they are narrowed down much faster than we had planned.
But we are not the ones in charge of that.
God pays no mind to our own calendar of events. 

Many, through diagnosis, are presented with a calculated finality.
We are destined to spend a few more weeks or years entrenched in doing the things we often put off doing until we are running out of time.

We rush to get those ‘Bucket Lists’ of dreams accomplished as if there is nothing more miraculous on the other side.  As if the living is in the here and now.  And there is SOME truth in that.  There IS life unimagined, void of our own minds comprehension, waiting on the other side.  

But there still is.....

So what will I do with the NOW?  If I have 3 days or 50 more years I still need to respect my time more.    

I will make sure that every moment of my children’s lives with me is more loving & meaningful.  I will make sure that moments aren’t wasted in nothingness.  I will make every minute count for something. 
I will be more thrifty with my time.  More frugal.  I will be more conscious of where it is going & to what benefits from it.  My time, like a crisp new dollar bill, will be handed over only if it is going to make a difference.  If the exchange is going to truly matter. 

I will spend more time in prayer.  In gratitude & thankfulness.  For the ‘every day’ moments that make the WHOLE so beautiful. I'll hesitate more with seeking trivial things.  
Instead of wanting for things that fill my home, I will ask for the gifts that fill my heart.

Why do we risk more usually?  When the calculation renders much less than we had planned on, why is it THEN that we decide to finally get in the game?
Physically, we will push ourselves into trying things that we may never consider otherwise.  We will jump from planes, swim with sharks, run with bulls, spend weeks kayaking through the Grand Canyon.  Attemping to retrieve every last minute that we are given.  Making up for lost time.  I will choose to make the moments count TODAY.

In some sort of last-ditch-effort, we pull out all the stops & finally find a definitive freedom in making every breath count.

And it’s usually the risks in heart that take it’s toll the most.  We regret not saying more.  Or we scramble to erase the times that we said too much.  We regret not loving more.  Feeling more.  Being there more for those that truly matter.  So I will choose to be here NOW.  I will be more aware of my words.  Think before I speak. 

Why does it take a lump in your breast or a tumor in your brain to change how you spend your life?
Why does it have to come down to a life threatening illness to make us alter how we LIVE & LOVE in the here and now? 

Live NOW, as if you really only did have 31 months left. 
Approach TODAY, as if there were really only a certain number of them remaining.
Be present right now, as if your life depended on it.

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  1. The mundane of the daily routine blocks out the reality of how brief our time in this life is. For me I know that I must let go of hurts, of things that in the big scheme of things and light of eternity, don't mean squat. If I am to really live like I am dying (which we all are) I know I have to live purposely every day. Oh if it was only as easy to do as it is to say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It is a timely reminder for me!