Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What will you give?

What is life if not to make it easier on one another?

Let’s face it.
Life can be hard.
Hopefully not every day but the moments that make up the whole, can be difficult at times.
If we walk around in our own bliss or even ignorance & don’t see the things going on around us, then how can we ever use 100% of the heart that God has given us?

Part of living is in the life that we choose to live!

We are all blessed with something.  Given provision because we are some of the lucky few!  And if we give away what we have been given-
        The door to our hearts will open even wider to receive even more

If you’ve been given kindness, lend it out to someone else.  Open a door for someone that has their hands full.   Push that shovel down your sidewalk a few more feet & give someone else a break that morning when they are already late for work.  Pull the trash cans in for your husband so he doesn’t have to. 

If you’ve been given the luxury of eating THREE meals a day (and then some), feed someone who hasn’t even had 3 meals this WEEK! 

If you’ve been surrounded by love, embrace someone else that needs it!  Wear your heart on your sleeve for a while.  Gain a different perspective into what someone else’s life is like at the moment. 

Run an errand for a friend that is juggling kids, her husband’s cancer, a job….and give her the gift of a little more time.

If someone is hurting, reach out to them.  Even if no words are spoken, sometimes more is said in the ‘doing’.

And set your heart on the path of fulfillment!
          No obligation. 
               No expectation of future payment.
                    No future applause or ticker tape parade.

Just give what has been given to you.

Even the tiniest favors are sometimes the most needed.  The smallest gifts are the ones most treasured.

Become more aware of those around you.
Recognize the need.
Be conscious in your living.

If we are more aware of the life going on around us, and lend our heart freely to those that need something, the joy will come.  Even if that’s not what we’re really seeking.

Living in fullness has nothing to do with how full your bank account is or how full your closet is or your garage is or your social calendar is.

It comes from being present in heart.  By allowing the love that is given to us every day by God, be given away.  It never returns void.  It never seeks redemption.  It’s just there for the giving!

What gift will you give this week?  What will you lend out?  I want to hear about it.  Was what you received in return so much more than what you gave?

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