Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Point me in the right direction

It drives me crazy when I am lost.
I get off track.
Take a wrong turn.
Usually because I’m distracted.
(Maybe it’s because I’m geographically challenged)

All the sudden, I look around & recognize nothing familiar.
And I have absolutely NO IDEA where I am.
Or, how to get where I need to be.

I always tell our daughter, ‘If you lose me, just stand still & don’t move.  I will find you!’

And I know, without a doubt, that is exactly what she would do. 
She would obey me. 
She trusts me.
She will be still.
She knows that I will come for her. 

God does the same thing for us.

I’ve lost Him at times. 
I become distracted by things I shouldn’t.  Things that take me AWAY from Him. 
I venture off to what appears to be a better alternative route.  A greater destination.  Like a child, I run off with an adventurous & unbridled soul.
And then I realize that I took a wrong turn.
I messed up.
And then all of the sudden, there I am…..lost, scared, panic stricken.

And I do what I told my own daughter to do.
I stand still. 
And I wait. 
And I trust.

It is THEN, that I see Him. 
When I allow the stillness & TRUST that I am where I need to be, in that moment, in that circumstance, in that time & place……He is there. He finds that lost soul that wandered away and is now stranded….paralyzed in fear….and He sets my feet back on the right path.  He releases my doubt by providing peace.  He guides me gently through my isolated wilderness into freedom & guided purpose again.

With Him……
I am no longer lost

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  1. Tracy, I found your blog!! It was great talking with you tonight at Julie and Tim's. This is the second entry I have read so far. I am floored! God has given you such an amazing gift! Continue to use it, to reach others!! One of the most pressing thoughts for me tonight was...I pray that EVERYONE could experience God in a way that feels right and true and not so bound up like so many people do. It was great to hear from you tonight from a point of view where you are free to be you and you are free to believe and free to enjoy a relationship with Christ. No agenda, no baggage, just freedom to be. :) Love you! Hope to get to know you more. Naomie