Monday, February 8, 2010


It happened when I was 7 years old.
It was a beautiful day.
Perfect day for a bike ride.

There I was.
Pig tails and freedom.

So off I went. To where, I wasn’t sure. But I was going anyway.

Abundant sunshine.
Ample breeze.
Satisfied soul.

And then IT happened.

The rocks. The skid. The crash. The pain.
Dirt covered. Pain ridden.

There I was. Alone….covered in blood, sweat & tears…..LITERALLY! Too prideful to ask for help, even at 7. Not knowing how I would fix it. Nothing broken. Unless you count spirit.

I’m not sure what hurt worse. Was it the injury itself or my pride getting in the way?

It was one of those cuts that still hurt 5 days later.
Leaves a scar for years.
And even requires stitches because the cut is larger than the body can handle.

It amazes me how our bodies can respond to an injury.
How everything else seems to stop & the attention shifts solely to the healing of the wound.

Most often, if we just give it time….the healing takes care of itself.
One day, the bandage is removed. The pain is gone. And it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it did when it happened.

Our hearts are like that too. They get broken.
Pain will be felt. Tears will be shed.
No band-aid can protect it. No surgeon can weave a stitch through it. And usually, it takes more than 5 days to heal.

So everything else stops.
Attention shifts…

We attempt to figure out how we can mend on our own. Sometimes, if our hearts continue to get broken, we may even find a way to become immune to it. And on occasion, it leaves a scar. A battle wound. Some are larger than others. Some definitely tell a story. And some are just too big to cover up. They are there for everyone to see. If the wound is deep enough, tissue builds up around it for future protection. Numbness forming after a wound, to some extent, is inevitable. Because the body knows that this area is tender. Sensitive to touch. And if that area is wounded again, it will be scarred beyond recognition.

But, I would rather hurt then feel nothing.
I’d rather have my heart break then to not feel anything at all.
I would much rather experience the crash then to never have gone on the ride.

Next time, I just need to be more aware of where I’m heading. (and wear a helmet)

Have you ever CRASHED & been happy that you did?

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