Thursday, February 4, 2010

My 'Not-So-Perfect' Car

If you come over to my house, you'll notice that typically I have order.
Maybe not with my kids.
BUT....there is still order.
Clothes are color coded & neatly hung in closets.
Everything has it's place.
I don't like clutter....or dust...or dog hair....or messes or things on every surface in the kitchen.
And right about now, you're thinking....'WOW!  You must be really fun to live with!' we turn the page.

Open my car door ('s actually a minivan, which I NEVER thought I would own but that's a different blog on a different day) and there is an entirely different world.  Few enter & think of me in the same organized, color-coded mommy light.

There are enough goldfish crackers to feed a nation.
There are never ending lollipop sticks strewn about from previous visits to the bank.  We visit so often that the teller  knows the kids favorite flavors.
There are toys & diapers & extra clothes.
Recycling bags for frequent last minute errands & artwork covered in glitter & sequins.
I have a tendency to buy sunglasses every now & then & forget where I put them & more times then not...they are ALL in the car.  All 10 pair.

On any given day I can find leftover chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A.
Today I found a frozen (yes, frozen) banana.  I'm not sure what happened to the peel.  I may find that NEXT week. 

And there is the ever present 6th passenger!  The potty.  It sits patiently under the console.  Tucked neatly away until we need it.  It has saved us many times from catastrophe.  I have not personally had to use it YET....but I'm not ruling it out yet either.

There are finger prints all over the windows.  Dried milk on the backs of seats.  Stains on the carpet from everything & anything that 3 toddlers could possibly stain it with.

So now you know.  I am erring my dirty laundry.  Or in this really disgusting & messy car.

So seriously....what is the weirdest thing that you've ever found in your car? 

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  1. Well, let's see...first, our van is such a beater it stands out like a sore thumb in Highlands Ranch...and the inside isn't much, my shoe was stuck to the floorboard b/c I must have stepped in gum...looks like Big Red or something and it won't come off. Yesterday, in trying to fix one of the girls' seatbelts, I found a kids cup from some restaurant shoved down between the seat and the booster....I yanked it out and the top popped off spilling rotten milk all over me...seriously, I think that cup must have been in there for at least a couple months. Good thing I have a strong stomach. But my hubby likes to tell on me that my cars have always been a mess...when he met me I was toting a carful of teaching stuff that had been there from when I moved schools 2 years before I met him and didn't have room for and he had to move puppets, big books, etc. out of the way to sit down.