Thursday, February 11, 2010

FREE stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff?
Especially when it’s TRULY priceless.

No money exchanged.
Nothing paid.
No debt.
No formal obligation.
No binding contract.
Just plain FREE!
Ours for the taking….all we have to do is RECEIVE it!

Webster’s defines FREE as something given or received without cost.

What price would you put on…..

But, don’t be deceived.  A HIGH price was paid.  But it wasn’t by us.  We have it easy. Burdens were carried. Hands were scarred.  Sins were forgiven.  Blood was shed.  Our LIFE was (and IS) made in death.  Jesus paid the price.  He took care of our debt.  He knew that we couldn’t afford to pay if on our own.  And we obtain an inheritance in Him.

He took our binding contract of increasing sin & wiped our debt away   with every drop of blood shed that day on the cross.

Because of His generosity…..we are no longer imprisoned.  The shackles that confine us are broken & leave us with liberty….for an eternity with Him. 

And we have no financial obligation to Him.  He doesn’t expect us to ever pay Him back.  The ONLY thing He asks in return is for us to BELIEVE in Him.  That’s it.  A simple request really.  To worship Him….because He is & was & ALWAYS will be the same.  Yesterday, today & forever!

The old saying goes, ‘there’s nothing free in this world’.  And that’s true for everything except one thing.  God’s love for us. 
Even on our worst day.  He is still there. 

Even when we feel worthless…..He thinks we’re priceless!

And the only thing that needs to be exchanged is…..LOVE….between Him & us.  And I would pay just about anything for THAT!

Don’t we owe Him just that?  If nothing else.  Believe in the One that believes in us!

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